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omgz_ratemeplz's Journal

oh em gee zee - rate me plz!
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See? We can make a cool & trendy ["scene"] rating community too. BUT this isn't the typical rating community. We're not full of ourselves, we're NOT trend whores and we don't judge on looks. We do ask for pictures, just because they're fun to look at. You're musical tastes are not an influence on our votes. We're not stylish. Hell, we even may be scrubby looking. Who fucking cares? Personality and intelligence is what matters in this community. There will be no typical questions on the application [IE: Opinion on abortion?; Opinion on the President? Opinion on Gay Marriage? etc]. Read the rules, apply & have fun!


1] No being rude to the mods or the members.
2] PLEASE know how to spell. Know the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE. As well as THEIR, THEY'RE and THERE. Grammar and punctuation is nice too. :]
3] Do not flame this community. You will be banned if you do.
4] No posting other entries until you are accepted.
5] DO NOT comment unless you're accepted, unless it is replying to your application comments.
6] Promoting other communties is allowed, but it MUST be under an LJ-cut.
7] Failure to put application behind an LJ CUT will result in instant rejection. If you do not know how to do an LJ CUT please go to the FAQ section located on the left hand side of this website. It's under "Help & Support."
9] If you are rejected, you can try back in a week if you would like.
10] Accepted members, you can be harsh just keep it toned down. Okay?
If we find the harshness out of hand, we will give you a warning. If it happens again, you're gone.
11] Once you join the community you have 72 hours to post your application. 72 hours is the equivalent of 3 days for those who don't know.
12] No trolls allowed. Anonymous commenting has been removed as an option. If you join this community just to be an annoying troll you WILL be banned.
13] Put "It's so wrong that I need abuse" as the subject line so we know you read the rules.


1] Name -
2] Age -
3] Location -
4] Sex -
5] Marital Status -
6] Favourite bands? -
7] Favourite movies? -
9] Favourite utensil -
10] Please give a detailed answer on what you like best and why. Cardboard or HAM -
11] Favourite quote[s] -
12] Favourite song and lyric line -
13] What do you like about yourself? -
14] What is one thing you would change about the world?
15] Favourite tv show[s] -
16] Favourite cartoon character[s] -
17] What are your hobbies? -
18] Do you plan on going to College? If so, what do you plan on majoring in [or if you graduated, What did you major in]?
19] What is your opinion on people getting their GED?
20] Opinion on religion?
21] What would make you a good addition to the community?
22] Describe yourself in a few words.
23] Promote us in 2 places [your personal journal is fine]. Do not make the post friends only. Show us:
24] Post some pictures. Two picture MINIMUM. Post them now:






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