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It's so wrong that I need abuse :/

1] Name - Kristen
2] Age - 20
3] Location - Philadelphia, PA!
4] Sex - Girl
5] Marital Status - Spoken for.
6] Favourite bands? - Hole, Jack Off Jill, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation, Mindless Self Indulgence, Tilly & the Wall, et cetera.
7] Favourite movies? - Ghost World, Sid & Nancy, Interview with the Vampire, Jawbreaker, SLC Punk!
9] Favourite utensil - Fork, probably because it's a challenge to eat certain things... like jell-o... with a fork.
10] Please give a detailed answer on what you like best and why. Cardboard or HAM - Uhm, I guess I would choose cardboard. The because is a little tricky. Cardboard is what boxes are made of, and any box can make a kick ass fort. Forts are pretty much where it's at. Therefore, cardboard.
11] Favourite quote[s] - I hate these, because I always lose whatever it is the second I have to think about it. I guess "There is no good an evil, only power and those too weak to seek it." Five cookies if you know where it's from.
12] Favourite song and lyric line - no, I really don't know.
13] What do you like about yourself? - I'm super ultra witty. The end.
14] What is one thing you would change about the world? Uhm, I guess I'd make me have more money, because lord knows I deserve it. HAHA JAY KAY. No, actually, I'd probably want to randomly sterilize people at birth to control the population and therefore control disease! IT IS A PERFECT PLAN.
15] Favourite tv show[s] - Invader Zim, Daria, Degrassi, Pimp My Ride (that should be ME, goddamnit...), Law & Order
16] Favourite cartoon character[s] - Jane Lane.
17] What are your hobbies? - Making fake hair pieces, goth clubs, buying shoes & boots... Yeah, I don't do too much.
18] Do you plan on going to College? If so, what do you plan on majoring in [or if you graduated, What did you major in]? I already go to college, sillies! I'm an English major with a minor in communications
19] What is your opinion on people getting their GED? Whatever, man. High school isn't that hard, but I understand why some folks do it.
20] Opinion on religion? I don't care. Don't preach to me, I won't bitch to you. Simple.
21] What would make you a good addition to the community? Uhm, probably nothing. But I am kinda funny, and I have an appreciation for all things asthetically pleasing & otherwise snazzy.
22] Describe yourself in a few words. mean, funny, witty, outlandish
23] Promote us in 2 places [your personal journal is fine]. Do not make the post friends only. Show us: grammariscool, badda bing, two.
24] Post some pictures. Two picture MINIMUM. Post them now:
(bad lighting is cool)
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(p.s. yeah, i know this next one is my lj icon - shut up. hehe)
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(oooh, look, angry punk rock face! hahaha)
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If you have any ideas for questions to throw onto the application let me know. We always need more questions, and the ones I thought up kind of suck. Lol.


yaaaaaay! i win!!! ::dances around::
yaaaaaaaay! ;D -dances around too- Lol. ;P