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app just for fun

1] Name - Bre (Briana)
2] Age - pretty close to 17
3] Location - Maine
4] Sex - female
5] Marital Status - i have this really cute boyfriend
6] Favourite bands? - children of bodom, in flames, slipknot, shadows fall, iron maiden, icp, nothingface, megadeth, pantera, sonata arctica, anthrax, fozzy..
7] Favourite movies? - detroit rock city, wayne's world, identity, biodome, the little rascals
8] What are your hobbies? - music, photography, i try artsy stuff.
9] Do you plan on going to College? If so, what do you plan on majoring in? yes. photography and accounting
10] What is your opinion on people getting their GED? i don't really have an opinion on it
11] Opinion on religion? i am not a fan of religion, i never really have been. some members of my family are very religious but it's not for me. i don't have any problem with people who follow a religion it's great to have something to believe in as long as you are open minded about it and understand that not every person believes in the same thing.
12] What would make you a good addition to the community? i have a good amount of time for it and will have fun with it.
13] Describe yourself in a few words. i'm a very nice person, most of my friends say too nice. i'm probably one of the least selfish people you will ever meet and i have a pretty good view on life.
14] Promote us in 2 places [your personal journal is fine]. Do not make the post friends only. Show us: i'll make a picture thingy for my userinfo.
15] Post some pictures. Two picture MINIMUM. Remember, your application must be behind a cut. If you don't know how to do an LJ-cut, just scroll up & read the rules. It tells you where to go. Post them now:

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