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1] Name - Beth
2] Age - 18
3] Location - Poughkeepsie, NY
4] Sex - Female
5] Marital Status - In a relationship
6] Favourite bands? - The Distillers, Hawthorne Heights, Janes Addiction, Weezer, Nirvana
7] Favourite movies? - Donnie Darko, Team America (MMMAAAATTTT DDDDAAAAMMMOOONNN)
9] Favourite utensil - Spork
10] Please give a detailed answer on what you like best and why. Cardboard or HAM - Cardboard because you can draw on it and also fold it to make different shapes.
11] Favourite quote[s] - "If you don't like me for who I am, then you don't like me for who I am, but all you're gonna get is who I am" Avril
12] Favourite song and lyric line - "I got a blue flag hanging out my backside, but only on the left side" Snoop Dog *Drop It Like Its Hawt*
13] What do you like about yourself? - My ass
14] What is one thing you would change about the world? All the war and stuff
15] Favourite tv show[s] - Six Feet Under
16] Favourite cartoon character[s] - Ren and Stimpy
17] What are your hobbies? - Shopping
18] Do you plan on going to College? If so, what do you plan on majoring in [or if you graduated, What did you major in]? Yes.. I want to be a teacher for special children.
19] What is your opinion on people getting their GED? I have my GED, so therefore I am pro-GED.
20] Opinion on religion? Agnostic because I am unsure if anything they teach is true
21] What would make you a good addition to the community? I am open minded
22] Describe yourself in a few words. I am humorous, little and I like fruitopia
23] Promote us in 2 places [your personal journal is fine]. Do not make the post friends only. Show us: My personal journal and a comment page on Grammariscool
24] Post some pictures. Two picture MINIMUM. Post them now:

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